Equity advisory

Equity advisory

AXECO offers its clients access to financing in the private and public capital markets and has a track record of successfully raising equity financing. We arrange equity (growth) financing for private companies and provide equity capital markets advice for (to be) listed companies

Questions you may have

  • What is the capital structure which fits with the strategy of our company?
  • How could I reduce or optimize the current cost of funding?
  • Which financing instruments would fit the profile of our company?
  • What opportunities and difficulties can be expected in realizing the various financing solutions?
  • Which investors should be approached and best fit the objectives of the business?


Your company can benefit from a capital structure that fits the profile of your business and the setup of your organisation whilst providing you with maximum flexibility on the best possible terms. We provide innovative, objective and high-quality advice on all aspects of raising equity capital, such as IPO’s, share issues, capital raises, growth capital and convertible bonds. Key activities include the following:

  • Assess the strategy, financial developments and the corresponding financing needs and preferences of your company
  • Analyse your current capital structure, the (im)possibilities of improving your capital structure and the position and preferences of current financing providers
  • Prepare a financial model, structure the preferred equity instruments and craft an equity story to optimally position the company
  • Advise in selecting the optimal financing solutions, including the most suitable instruments, offering size, pricing and other terms
  • Attract reputable investors and negotiate the best possible terms and conditions
  • Assist in screening and selecting underwriting parties / syndicate banks
  • Assist in crafting and finalising the required documentation and fulfilling all necessary steps to close the transaction